PaleoWest’s Paper Published in Society of California Archaeology (SCA) Journal

January 14, 2022

PaleoWest’s paper “Subsistence and Ritual: Faunal and Plant Exploitation at the Mission Santa Clara de Asís Ranchería” has been published in California Archaeology, a professional journal published by the Society for California Archaeology. The paper was authored by Drs. James Potter and Tiffany Clark of PaleoWest.

The paper illuminates Native American lifeways in the context of Missionization and Colonization in California during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The paper stems from work conducted by PaleoWest in support of a client’s land development project in Santa Clara, California where it was determined mitigation would be needed to address the effects of construction on a substantial portion of an Indian Ranchería—a large Native American living complex associated with the Santa Clara Mission (1777–1833).

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