Chris Sims Promoted to Account Executive

July 11, 2022

Chris Sims

We’re delighted to announce the promotion of Chris Sims to our first-ever Account Executive! Chris formerly served as our Portland, Oregon Office Principal and significantly expanded our presence in the Pacific Northwest, drawing upon his experience spanning 26 states plus Mayan sites in Central America. As an Account Executive, Chris will forge mutual connections with new stakeholders within the Pacific Northwest and collaborate with subject matter experts on projects with existing clients.

Chris’s promotion is one of many exciting changes at PaleoWest to provide an outstanding client experience never before seen in the industry. PaleoWest has always taken great pride in breaking new ground with smart, modern approaches to promote superior deliverables and positive transformation in the cultural resources field, and we’re thrilled to have Chris as one of our key figures as we expand upon prior innovations to enact a transformational PaleoWest experience for all. 

Congratulations, Chris—we’re excited to see where you take us! 

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