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Market Sectors

PaleoWest delivers professional archaeological, ethnographic, paleontological, and historical consulting services to establish compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act and other regulations. We provide meticulous, timely, creative, budget-conscious, and cost-effective services that get the job done. Below we describe recent successes and capabilities within key market sectors.




PaleoWest's Federal Contracting Program has been awarded over $20 million in cultural resource projects since 2009.  The Program’s key contracts and contracting mechanisms include:

  • Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project Cultural Resources ID/IQ
    This 5-year renewable contract with the Bureau of Reclamation is the largest federal cultural resource project in the U.S., supporting the Department of the Interior’s highest-priority undertaking nationwide.

  • GSA 899 Environmental Schedule
    As a current U.S. General Services Administration contract holder, federal agencies can quickly and easily order PaleoWest's services.

  • Native Alaskan 8(a) Partnership with PacArctic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koniag, Inc., an Alaska Native Regional Corporation

Federal agencies can enjoy the benefits and simplicity of Tribal 8(a) contracting through PaleoWest’s partnership with the certified enterprise of PacArctic.


PaleoWest’s efficiency has benefited a wide range of energy projects across 14 states in the West, Midwest, and Southeast.  We have carried out cultural resource inventory, excavation, monitoring, and tribal consultation to support energy projects in:

  • Solar and Wind

  • Exploration

  • Extraction

  • Pipelines

  • Generation

  • Transmission

In addition, PaleoWest holds a Board position on the nationwide Gas and Preservation Partnership (GAPP), a 501(c)3 composed of energy firms and cultural resource professionals to promote nationwide best practices in managing cultural resources during shale-gas exploration, extraction, and transmission.

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Land Development

A leader in archaeological regulatory compliance for land planning and development projects since its inception, PaleoWest provides regulatory support and planning services, including:

  • Section 106 consultation for Section 404 permits

  • NHPA for land exchanges

  • State and local regulation compliance

  • Tribal consultation

  • Federal funding-assisted project compliance

For example, PaleoWest conducts federally- and city-mandated testing and data recovery projects at prehistoric Hohokam culture sites in the City of Phoenix.  Two recent projects jointly funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and private developers investigated archaeological sites that contribute to the understanding of the rich prehistory of Phoenix, while helping our development clients achieve their project goals on time and under budget.

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Since its launch in 2009, PaleoWest’s Military Contracting Program has seen tremendous success in supporting the mission of the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Nationwide IMCOM/Army Environmental Command ID/IQ

  • Native American Owned 8(a) partnership for contracting ease

  • Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

  • Fort Irwin, California

  • Fort Huachuca, Arizona

  • White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico