Competition 2020

Here Are Our Winners

Firstly, we’d like to offer a big thank you to everyone who took part in our PaleoPics competition last month. The response we had was incredible, and it really was tough trying to determine winners when so many of the photographs sent in were such high-quality. Who knew we had so many pro-quality photographers in the team!

But, alas, we’ve made our decisions, and you can find the top 5 winning photographs in the section below. We’ve also included a gallery section at the bottom of the page featuring some of the honorable mentions from our shortlist.

First Place

First Place - Mike Mirro

Photographer: Mike Mirro

Prize Won: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Why it was chosen: This ticked many boxes for us. Great composition. An unusual and different perspective - the image makes you look twice. We liked the human element and it also connects nicely to what we do. Michael we salute you! Congrats on first place.

Second Place

Second Place - Tina Campbell

Photographer: Tina Campbell

Prize Won: $100 Amazon Gift Card

Why it was chosen: We think Tina could have practically filled the top slots. Her work ranks up their with the professionals. We have highlighted this image of A Path through the Oaks as being particularly striking. We liked the lighting, the composition, the detail, the colors, the shadows and the way the path leads your eye into the picture. Great work Tina - on all of your entries!

Third Place

Third Place - Rebecca Schwendler

Photographer: Rebecca Schwendler

Prize Won: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Why it was chosen: We loved the field aspect of this one, linking it directly to what we do day-to-day. We also liked the expanse of the environment and the buffalo in the background. Incorporating the person wearing a face mask adds another dimension to the image - placing it firmly in a moment of our history during a difficult time around the globe. Great effort!

Fourth Place

Fourth Place - Marie Taylor

Photographer: Marie Taylor

Prize Won: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Why it was chosen: We loved how this photograph captures camping as a part of the field experience. A great use of light and colors with the tent being lit up from inside at twilight. Well done Marie!

Fifth Place

Fifth Place - Kevin Gidusko

Photographer: Kevin Gidusko

Prize Won: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Why it was chosen: We picked this one as our final winner for two reasons. It not only does a great job of showcasing the teamwork element of fieldwork but also finds a nice blend of classic meets modern. On the one hand, we have the classic aged signage, and on the other, we have our team collaborating using state-of-the-art tech! Great job Kevin!

Honorable Mentions

Thanks again to everybody who took part in the competition. Here’s a round-up of the photographs that made the shortlist before we picked the 5 winning entries.