Here Are Our Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in this years PaleoPics competition. Once again it was tough to narrow down the top 5 but with the input from our creative marketing team we have reached a decision.

The theme this year was ‘PaleoWest life – Give us your best shot’. Whether in the field or working in the lab, wherever work and travels take you, show us the best of your ‘everyday life’ here at PaleoWest. We hoped this would allow many interpretations and indeed we were not dissapointed. Here are our winning shots.

We’ve also included a gallery section at the bottom of the page featuring some of the honorable mentions from our shortlist.

First Place

First Place: Lunch Break - Autumn Cool

Title: Lunch Break
Photographer: Autumn Cool
Prize Won: $250 Gift Card

Second Place

Second Place: Green River View - Kylie Dillinger

Title: Green River View
Photographer: Kylie Dillinger
Prize Won: $100 Gift Card

Third Place

Third Place: Sierra Ancha Overview - Harland Ash

Title: Sierra Ancha Overview
Photographer: Harland Ash
Prize Won: $50 Gift Card

Fourth Place

Fourth Place: Workman Creek Cliff Dwelling - Harland Ash

Title: Workman Creek Cliff Dwelling
Photographer: Harland Ash
Prize Won: $25 Gift Card

Fifth Place

Fifth Place: Site Recording in Nine Mile Canyon - Jamie Hollingsworth

Title: Site Recording in Nine Mile Canyon
Photographer: Jamie Hollingsworth
Prize Won: $25 Gift Card

Honorable Mentions

Thanks again to everybody who took part in the competition. Here’s a round-up of the photographs that made the shortlist before we picked the 5 winning entries, photographers: Scott Yost, Paul Buckner, Ralph Burrillo, Helen Juergens, Kim Johnson, Kegan Roady and Marie Matsuda.