WInter 2021

Our Winning Photos

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter 2021 PaleoPics Photography Competition!

The theme for this competition was “Your PaleoWest World”—an invitation to share the people, places, and things that make up your space at PaleoWest and beyond. We received dozens of outstanding shots and would like to applaud each and every participant for their fantastic eye and creative approach.

After poring over the submissions, our creative marketing team has narrowed down the five winning entries along with honorable mentions, shown below:

First Place

First Place: \

Title: "Winter Tower"
Photographer: R. E. Burrillo
Prize Won: $250 Gift Card

Second Place

Second Place: \

Title: "Ripples of Time"
Photographer: Lawrence Chiatti
Prize Won: $100 Gift Card

Third Place

Third Place: \

Title: "Mountain Walk"
Photographer: Kim Johnson
Prize Won: $50 Gift Card

Fourth Place

Fourth Place: \

Title: "Sunset from Camp Spot on the Utah/Nevada Border"
Photographer: Michael Rohrer
Prize Won: $25 Gift Card

Fifth Place

Fifth Place: \

Title: "Foggy Florida Morning"
Photographer: Heather Young
Prize Won: $25 Gift Card

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a round-up of the photographs that made the shortlist before we picked the 5 winning entries.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this PaleoPics competition.
We look forward to hosting more in the future!