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We provide construction compliance services related to cultural resource management faster and for less, helping you deliver projects on time and on budget.

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No missed deadlines. No budget overspend. No compliance issues.

Your time and money are valuable. We plan, control, and manage project costs from inception through to completion, keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Our well-trained, expert field teams work tirelessly and efficiently to ensure your project complies with all construction regulation requirements.

PaleoWest is an industry leader in construction compliance–we meticulously review all your construction phase requirements up-front, well before construction begins. Then we go to work helping you design just the right approach to meet them in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just apply a “standard” approach–we work with you to understand your minimum requirements, then create custom solutions to fit your unique needs.

Although other compliance consultants may have left you disappointed by over-promising and under-delivering, meeting your cost and deadline targets is one of our main priorities. We work as your ally in the field to speed projects up, not slow them down.

We provide construction compliance services for the following industries

  • Land development
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Renewable energy project development
  • Mining operators
  • Communications project development
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Agencies

Construction compliance services we can help you with

Read below to explore the vast range of construction compliance services we provide for our clients.

Additional Compliance Services

  • Tribal Participation Plans and Tribal Resource Management Plans
  • Cultural Resources Research Design and Plan
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Plan of Action
  • Coordination of Tribal Monitors
  • Cultural Resource Monitor Training Programs
  • Historic Property Management Plans
  • Historic Property Treatment Plans
  • Secretary of the Interior’s Standards Analysis
  • Historic Structures Report

Get your Project Back on Track

Costly delays holding your project back? Our experts specialize in stepping in where our competitors stumble to get projects moving forward quickly.

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More Responsive, Efficient Field Crews

Tired of being left in the dark? Our clients praise our unmatched level of responsiveness and efficiency. We ensure you’re always up to speed with how your projects are progressing.

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Rapidly Respond to Unforeseen Discoveries

Inadvertent discoveries cause costly project delays. With offices across the country, we can quickly mobilize staff to any U.S. location and swiftly resolve unnecessary stoppages.

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State of the art technology for unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

We’re at the forefront of technical innovation in cultural and heritage resources management. By incorporating the latest innovations, we can operate faster and with more accuracy than our competitors.

Case Study

Palen Solar Project

EDF Renewables

We currently provide cultural and paleontological resource support to EDF Renewables for the Palen Solar Project (PSP), on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Riverside County. PaleoWest is in the process of drafting all cultural and paleontological plans for the PSP, including:

  • Tribal Participation Plan
  • Monitoring and Discovery Plan
  • Cultural Resources Research Design and Plan
  • Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Plan of Action

We also provided cultural and paleontological resource monitoring for preconstruction geotechnical and site fencing activities at the PSP. Paleontological monitors were a late requirement for this effort, but we successfully provided paleontological field staff ahead of initiation of geotechnical studies and avoided project delays.

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“PaleoWest is considered one of EDF’s most trusted consultants. Their management and staff are always professional, responsive, and highly regarded as experts in their fields. Our Desert Harvest and Maverick projects, located in Desert Center, CA, were EDF’s first large-scale projects on BLM land. PaleoWest consulted on these projects from the very beginning all the way through Commercial Operations. When any issues arose on the site, PaleoWest was always there to assist us on the reporting and mitigation required under our agreements. EDF looks forward to awarding PaleoWest many contracts in the future.”

Dana Moore, Associate Program Manager
EDF Renewables

The best in the business.

Construction expert Matt Tennyson and our construction compliance team work tirelessly to deliver 100% client satisfaction on all projects. Read what Matt has to say about our unique approach below.

“PaleoWest provides responsive, efficient, and thorough construction compliance program services. From data recovery to monitoring to close-out reports, we are professionals who deliver fast results to our clients and meet or exceed all regulatory frameworks. We are experienced at working with multiple agencies simultaneously and experts at navigating different compliance frameworks. We offer technically proficient and timely resolutions to inadvertent discoveries and specialize in mapping out strategies for treatment in advance to minimize costly delays.”

Matt Tennyson | Construction Expert and Renewable Market Manager, San Diego, CA

Meet our Construction Compliance Experts

Tom Motsinger

Tom Motsinger, M.A., RPA


Matt Tennyson

Matt Tennyson, M.A., RPA

Construction Expert and Renewable Market Manager | San Diego, CA

Kye Miller, M.A., RPA

Director of Operations | Phoenix, AZ

Chance Copperstone, M.A., RPA

Team Lead | Phoenix, AZ

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