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Fast-tracking Renewable Energy Developers Through Regulatory Challenges

As your cultural and paleontological resources partner, achieving your business goals is always our top priority. For years, we’ve assisted clients such as EDF Renewables, Avangrid, NRG, AES, Orion, and Terragen with solution-driven heritage consulting on renewable energy projects, delivering dynamic, adaptable approaches when the pressure is on and the stakes are high.

Since 2009, we’ve assisted in permitting and licensing over 500,000 acres of land for renewable energy development. Our experts prioritize a tailored approach, providing both national and regional cultural resource expertise and resources to enable permitting and licensing on time and on budget. Our long experience also gives us the know-how to smooth out any sudden changes affecting your project.

We’ve been honored to work with government agencies, tribes, and private sector organizations across the U.S. and are proudly involved in major multi-year renewable energy projects throughout the nation.

With our expertise and robust resources, no other cultural resource firm can adapt to sudden changes when they occur like PaleoWest can.

We Support Clients Harnessing a Wide Range of Renewable Energy Sources

For nearly 15 years, PaleoWest has been an active partner in the renewable energy market, garnering trust and repeat business from developers and environmental firms coast to coast. Just like you, we prioritize getting you the go-ahead on your projects, from early siting studies to permitting and construction compliance.

We also know that new circumstances can arise that risk affecting your project. When this happens, our depth of resources and deep understanding of these challenges allow our specialists to react swiftly and effectively in ways that few other cultural resource firms can.

  • Solar
  • Terrestrial Wind
  • Offshore Wind
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Geothermal
  • Battery Storage

Embrace a New Era of Offshore Wind Development with PaleoWest by Your Side

The United States is on a mission to generate 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030. With our lengthy experience providing cultural resource services for the renewable energy market, we stand ready to assist you with the NHPA’s Section 106 process and other regulatory frameworks to lay sound groundwork for your offshore wind journey.

We provide the following services and benefits for your offshore wind development projects:

  • Tribal consultation
  • Inventory and mitigation of effects to cultural resources
  • Streamlined, all-digital data system
  • Regional expertise
  • A deep record of success in delivering projects against aggressive deadlines
  • Experience with required support facilities (transmission lines, sub stations, port facilities)

How We Guide Your Renewable Energy Project to Completion

Are you currently seeking development rights for a clean energy project in the United States? Hover over the three phases below to learn more about the service offerings we provide to support your success.

Siting Studies

Risk assessment of project development area

Siting studies offer a comprehensive analysis and risk assessment and are crucial to identifying cultural resources and significant environmental challenges concerning your project. From this information, our specialists then develop protective mitigation strategies before the permitting stage begins.

During this phase, PaleoWest works closely with governing agencies, which can help promote faster turnaround times during steps involving multiple stakeholders.

These agency ties and other benefits mean siting studies are finished swiftly and with unmatched accuracy, resulting in better-quality work and less time in the permitting and construction compliance phases.

  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
  • Sensitivity Models
  • Desktop Studies
  • Agency and Tribal Outreach

Permitting and Licensing

Gain the necessary approvals to get going with construction.

During this phase, we aim to obtain the necessary federal, state, and local approvals for your renewable development project as quickly as possible. Our cultural and paleontological resource experts provide an agile, scalable suite of comprehensive permitting and licensing services, adapting dynamically to your current needs on a day-to-day basis and if critical moments arise.

  • Environmental Clearance
  • Reporting
  • Tribal Consultation
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Compliance Plans
  • Architectural History
  • EIR/EIS Support
  • NHPA/NEPA Review
  • Site Evaluation and Testing Programs
  • Agency Consultation (BLM, SHPO, etc.)

Construction Compliance

Carry out any regulatory stipulations and conditions

During the construction compliance phase, our professionals draw upon tens of thousands of hours working with construction personnel, operating closely with contractors, agencies, and tribes to quickly resolve any issues, ensure adherence to cultural heritage requirements, and minimize delays and extra costs.

  • Construction Compliance and Monitoring
  • Tribal Monitoring
  • Data Recovery and other Mitigation Programs
  • NAGPRA Compliance

Your Full-Service, No-Nonsense Partner for Renewable Energy Projects

A responsive, like-minded cultural resource consultancy makes all the difference when you’re focusing on executing your renewable energy development project. That’s why we deliver strong communication and smart work you can count on, every time.

Here’s how we streamline completion of the Section 106 process and other requirements to speed you to the exciting steps that follow.

Leveraging Agency Relationships

Waiting on approvals can create anxiety when deadlines are looming. Thanks to our long experience, our professionals have close relationships with agencies such as the BLM and SHPOs and work closely with them on a continuous basis to reduce potential delays.

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Proactive Tribal Engagement

Tribal relationships are an important part of any renewable energy development. In addition to relationships with agencies, PaleoWest also has strong relationships with numerous tribes across the U.S., making us well-placed to facilitate open discussions, direct engagement, and build understanding between your organization and Native American communities.

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Pivoting in the Face of Changing Demands

Renewable energy developers sometimes encounter challenges that may create delays and extra costs unless the matter is dealt with swiftly. PaleoWest experts have seen it all, and when critical issues do arise, our team has long experience adapting quickly and deploying staff at short notice to resolve them.

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Save Time and Money with the PaleoWay

We take pride in delivering better, more cost-effective work by leaning into the industry’s latest innovations. Every renewable energy project uses our unique, all-digital data system—the PaleoWay—to produce faster and more accurate deliverables, saving you time and money.

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A Track Record that Speaks for Itself

For years, our nationwide team has worked to deliver smart, cost-effective approaches for renewable energy projects with a focus on responsiveness and adaptability. It’s a combination that has impressed the sector’s biggest names and solidified our reputation as a reliable partner for cultural resource management.

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“PaleoWest is considered one of EDF’s most trusted consultants. Their management and staff are always professional, responsive, and highly regarded as experts in their fields… When any issues arose on the site, PaleoWest was always there to assist us on the reporting and mitigation required. EDF looks forward to awarding PaleoWest many contracts in the future.”

Dana Moore
EDF Renewables


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