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We combine technology, experience, and strong agency relationships to expedite your project and demystify regulations. By providing a comprehensive suite of cultural heritage services for land development clients, we clear obstacles and get and keep your project on track.

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We help hundreds of clients like you build thousands of projects nationwide. As your trusted advisors and consultants, we offer proactive support at every stage of the land development process, from initial planning and permitting to the final day of construction. We listen carefully to your unique needs, then develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver on your land development objectives, successfully guiding you through complex cultural heritage regulations.

Wherever you are, whatever the challenge, we are the cultural heritage partner to rely on.

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We bring together state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience, and enduring relationships with regulatory bodies, to speed your major projects to completion.

Don’t Let Complex Regulations Stall Your Land Development Projects

PaleoWest is your team of nationwide consultants in cultural heritage, archaeology, palaeontology, and more. We have decades of experience combining our technology, expertise, and agency relationships. At each stage in the development process, we resolve confusion to keep our clients’ projects moving forward on schedule and within budget.

Demystifying Land Development Regulations

Whether local, state, or federal, as regulatory experts across the United States, we are primed with the insights, expertise, and relationships needed to maneuver complicated cultural heritage regulations. We walk you through the process one step at a time, translating complex terminology in a timely manner so you know what needs to happen and when.

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Are you tired of long lead times, unnecessary add-ons, and delays? Wherever you are, whatever the challenge, we mobilize at pace and at scale to ensure your project avoids costly delays. With our suite of land development services and all-digital approach, your project is expedited to completion with increased accuracy at a lesser cost.

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Your Goals Are Our Goals

Simply put, we’re a partner you can rely on. We listen to your unique needs, then employ decades of proven experience and the industry’s brightest minds to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that cut out redundancies, tackle your land development challenges head-on, and balance good work with speed to successfully get the job done.

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EDF Renewables

PaleoWest is currently providing cultural and paleontological resource support to EDF Renewables for the Palen Solar Project (PSP), on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Riverside County, California. Before construction, PaleoWest prepared the Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan to be implemented during ground disturbing activities for the duration of the project.

During the construction phase, we provided paleontological resource monitoring for preconstruction geotechnical and site fencing activities. Paleontological monitors were a late requirement for this effort, but we successfully provided paleontological field staff ahead of initiation of geotechnical studies and avoided project delays. Our team collected and documented 13 newly discovered vertebrate fossil localities yielding specimens that will be curated at the Western Science Center.

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“This project was one of the most challenging archaeological regulatory projects I have worked on in my 20+ years of managing projects. We are sincerely appreciative that PaleoWest would accept the challenge that most other archaeology firms would not even consider – and then operate in such a smooth and entrepreneurial manner to reach success!”

David Scholl, Partner, Vintage Partners
Commercial real estate development and investment company

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