PaleoWest Archaeology



PaleoWest provides cultural resource consulting services to help you plan your project around archaeological sites, historic properties, traditional cultural properties, and other cultural resource constraints. Our extensive experience and connections with regulatory agencies and tribes allow us to navigate our clients around potential pitfalls and ensure that projects stay on track. Our services include:

  • Archaeological surveys

  • Archaeological excavation, testing, and monitoring

  • Ethnographic consultation

  • National Register eligibility assessments

  • Architectural history

  • Section 106 consultation

  • National Historic Preservation Act

  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

  • National Environmental Policy Act compliance

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Paleontological studies

  • Database development

  • 3D Modeling

  • Low Altitude Aerial Imaging and Mapping


Innovation and Technology

PaleoWest uses low altitude aerial mapping and imaging to produce survey-grade 3D models of landscapes, sites, and architecture. Additionally, we are breaking ground in the expanded and innovative use of subsurface remote sensing techniques to enhance our non-destructive approaches within our existing services.

Our teams are leading the way in archaeology, employing a customized database system and carefully selected suite of applications that fieldworkers carry on smartphones and tablets. Photos, forms, and locational data are managed in a central database, where staff in the field and office can work together on data sets using applications with simple and intuitive user interfaces. The database instantly generates agency-specific forms and reporting documents for final delivery to our clients. The PaleoWay system streamlines data collection, eliminates re-work and error, and produces report-ready data from the start, significantly reducing report preparation, production, and post-production times.

3D Modeling and Photogrammetric Mapping

PaleoWest has pioneered the use of photogrammetry (the use of digital photography for mapping) and 3D modeling to provide both standalone work products and enhance the efficiency and quality of traditional archaeological work.  Using cameras mounted on poles, kites, and aerial drones, PaleoWest's standard procedure is now to photogrammetrically map features, sites, and landscapes during inventory and excavation projects. This creates a rich, immersive record in three dimensions that is superior to traditional photographic and hand-drawn maps. Similarly, creating digital models of artifacts is vastly superior to traditional recording techniques such as photography and illustration, as it renders the object fully in three dimensions, and with bias-free color, design, and textural detail.  As seen below, it is a particularly apt way to render a digital record of objects before curation or repatriation.